Product Information

We are highly skilled in this area of decorating and can transform your home or business premises.
we created this page to give you an idea of the types of products available and the various finishes to the paints we recommend.

Interior finishes to walls and ceilings

  • Vinyl Matt – A premium matt emulsion paint with excellent opacity and coverage
  • Flatt Matt – A premium dead matt emulsion paint provides a fashionable finish
  • Acrylic Durable Matt – a premium matt emulsion with increased durability for use on interior walls
  • Acrylic Eggshell – A premium quality mid sheen emulsion which resists stains and keeps its finish for longer
  • Vinyl Silk – A premium emulsion designed for use on ceilings and walls, providing a washable silk finish
  • Vinyl Soft Sheen – A mid sheen emulsion that withstands normal levels of humidity and can be
  • wiped clean. Can be used as an alternative to silk and matt finishes.

Interior finishes to wood and metal

  • High Liquid Gloss – A hardwearing solvent based paint with high gloss finish and opacity
  • Eggshell – A solvent based mid sheen finish with a durable washable finish, that is resilient to condensation
  • Satin Finish – A solvent based mid sheen finish, hardwearing washable coating.

Exterior Finishes

  • Please visit our exterior decorating page for product information

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